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API Usage (old API)


Each call to our API360 requires a authentication header. You can create a token using Fleet Management.

Generate token

API usage

For this example I’m using Postman, however you are free to use any tool you are comfortable with.

Example: Get Assets Request

GET /api360/Asset HTTP/1.1
Host: services.staging.gpscockpit.net
Authorization: token IqxQX004hfTc...

Get Assets API Response

	"AssetRestItems": [
			"Id": 21527,
			"AssignedGarageId": 3242,
			"Color": "White",
			"Year": "2016",
			"IMEI": "358480080182738"
	"LookupDate": "0001-01-01T00:00:00"

API documentation


Updated on June 27, 2023

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