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BCE Devices


We support multiple BCE devices. They all speak the same protocol so it will not matter so much what device is used.


Configuration of the BCE devices is different then other devices. Configuration is done on their online platform https://www.fmset.eu/. We cannot update the device directly so updating settings or importing a tag list should be done on their website

Bce specifics

BCE devices don’t send events like most other devices. This causes some issues as we are calculating these events on server side.

When you are experiencing issues with events please contact support

How to do immobilization

Procedure for using immobilization

  1.  On the BCE portal (https://www.fmset.eu/) update the device config to either use immobilization with driver or immobilization without driver
  2. In the Backoffice: Set Output1 of the device to OnCommandStarterInterupt and Choose iButtonControlledStarting
  3. Check in the setup if you can immobilize the device
  4. When IN10 is disabled the device is immobilized (It shows the signal1 state that is filtered with an extra driver id for IN11) 
  5. See images below for schematic. Please note the relay is attached to out1. In our configurations out1 is configured as a led indicator for static1 signal. Out2 is configured for the relay
Updated on May 29, 2020

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