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How to choose the right device?

At 360locate we support multiple devices and when we dont support it yet we can try to see if we are able to integrate the device in our application. We have howerver extended experience with devices and manufactorers so we can make a good indication of what device to use best.

OBD Devices

Teltonika FMB001

Advanced OBD device with OBD2 connectivity

Teltonika FMB010

Simple OBD device without OBD2 connectivity

Battery devices

Teltonika FMT100

Device for direct installation on the asset battery. This device is only suitable for simple tracking as it has no other output or input ports

Simple wired installation

Teltonika FMB920

This is a very small device with limited connections. It only has power, ignition and 1 output port.

Advanced wired installation

Teltonika FMB 130

Advanced device with most features present.


Advanced device with most features present. Please note that this device does not allow remote configuration so we cannot send ibutton white list to the device directly. This has to be configured via the company website

Updated on May 29, 2020

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