Device actions

Common actions:

  • Activate tracker
    Links a tracker to an account and an asset. During this procedure you can specify the asset details like plate number and odometer.
    Invoicing starts after tracker has been activated.
  • Add comment
    You can leave any kind of message for auditing purposes, for example:
    – “Scheduled tracker check-up then and then”
    – “Replaced tracker battery”
  • Remove historical data
    Clear history from database. Could be used when you want to re-use a tracker and want to make sure all historical data is cleared. This action is irreversible!
  • Deactivate tracker
    Removes the tracker from the account and removes data. This action is irreversible!
    Invoicing stops after tracker has been deactivated.
  • Move (tracker) to account
    Links a tracker to another account. All historical and asset data will remain the same.
  • Replace tracker
    Typically used when a broken tracker has to be replaced. Historical data will be linked to the new ‘replacing’ tracker.
  • Archive asset
    Archive asset basically unlinks the currently assigned asset by setting a end date to the assignment. The action can be undone by changing the activation dates or assigning a new asset.
    Invoicing stops after asset has been archived.

Updated on May 9, 2023

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