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Activate devices

To activate one or more devices in FleetManagement, the user navigates to the Device Overview (see screenshot).

In the search bar of the datagrid, the user can search devices on IMEI or other properties. When searching for multiple devices in one run the user can enter multiple search terms seperated by semi-colon (‘;’), e.g. (‘861230048827092;359632104978645;861230048827563’).

By checking the checkboxes in front of each row multiple devices can be selected for bulk actions.

Activate devices in bulk is executed by clicking the “Choose Action” button and selecting “Active devices” from the list of available items.

A wizard appears in which the user selectes the Reseller and Account to which the devices has to be activated.

In the second step the user can fill in various information, of which Asset Name is madatory.

An optional remark can be filled in in the third step before the action is confirmed in step four.

If successful all selected devices are now activated and assigned to the chosen reseller, accounts and vehicle.

Updated on August 2, 2021

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