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The issues screen identifies possible problems within your fleet or system. Watch the video or read below.

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Issues are detected over-night. This means they will not be available real-time, but typically next day. The following issues can be detected:

  • Archived asset, but sending data
    Typically archived vehicles are not supposed to be active any more. If we still see data coming in they will be reported in the issue screen.
  • High message count
    Indicate a possible device misconfiguration. Devices typically communicate every 1-2 minutes when active, every couple of hours when parked.
    Threshold is > 3000 messages per day.
    High communication frequency can lead into several issues:
    • Data communication cost (simcard)
    • Server performance & data storage
    • Car battery drain
Avg(MessageCount) > 3000
  • High message count, while ignition off
    Similar to the ‘high message count’, but focusses on the periods where ignition is off. During these periods we do not expect much communication.
    Threshold is > 100 messages per day.
Avg(MessageCount - IgnitionCount) > 100
  • High event count
    Similar to the ‘high message count’, however this focusses on events particulary. For example a unit could report a lot of ignition on/off events which could mean there is a loose wire or configuration issue.
    Threshold is > 1000 messages per day.
  • No messages, but active tracker
    Devices are supposed to communicate on a regular basis. If they do not it could mean there is an issue.
  • No asset, but active tracker
    We see data (messages) coming in for a device, but the device is not activated.
  • High trip count
    More than 40 trips on a single day. Seems a bit high and might be explained by an installation issue where the ignition signal or voltage level is unstable.
Avg(TripCount) > 40
  • Messages reported, but no ignition off
    We have incoming data, but the ignition seems to be permantly on the entire day. Could be an installation issue and as a result the tracker is unable to sense igntion.
Avg(MessageCount - IgnitionCount) = 0 AND Avg(MessageCount) > 0
  • Distance travelled, but no ignition on
    Device is reporting an increasing mileage, but the ignition signal is off.
SUM(IgnitionCount) = 0 AND SUM(DistanceInMeters) > 1000
  • GPS stuck
    The reported GPS coordinates are continously the same. We have a threshold that a minimum of 50 messages have to be reported before we conclude this issue. Device needs to be reset probably to resolve the ‘stuck’ state.
    The lower the percentage, the more likely is the GPS being stuck. We might also have false positives if the tracker is not moving for a long time, but is communicating frequently because of the tracker configuration.
Avg([MessageCount]) > 50 AND 
Avg([UniqueCoordPercentage]) < 5 AND 
Avg([IgnitionCount]) > 0
  • Trips are not connecting
    We are seeing gaps between trips. The end of trip A is not connecting to the start of trip B.
  • Missing trips
    We have locations with ignition signal, but we do not have a same number of locations stored on trips. This might mean we have missing trips.
Avg([IgnitionCount]) > Avg([TripMessageCount])
  • Speed while ignition off
    When ignition is off we do not expect any speed to be reported.
SUM([IgnitionCount]) = 0 AND SUM([SpeedCount] > 0)

Updated on May 31, 2022

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