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Device detail: Messages

Messages, sometimes also referred to as ‘locations’ is telemetry data sent from the GPS tracker device to the server. Typically it contains lat/long coordinates along with a whole bunch of sensor data. The messages view can be used to diagnose data sent by the device.

Filtering messages requires 3 base parameters:

  • Date range
  • Number of messages returned
    To limit the dataset returned and speed-up the response time, the results are limited to 1000 records by default.
  • Source
    Raw message data is available for a limited period, typically days or weeks. Beyond this period the message data will be available in a condensed format within Trips & Stops. Only essential fields will be stored. Fields like for example ‘# of GPS Satellites’ will not be available when using Trips & Stops as a data source.

Furthermore several extra filter options are available:

  • Event
    Filter by the event that triggered this message to be sent to the server.
  • External power
  • Speed


Messages can arrive on the server delayed because of various reasons. Most common is delay in the cellular network. Delay is available in seconds by comparing time send from device and received on server. It’s also visible in the grid using conditional formatting.

  • > 2 minutes – Orange background
  • > 30 minutes – Red background
Conditionally formatted latency

Additional/Special fields

  • RFID
    This field will be filled once a driver uses their tag to start a trip.
  • Driver IdTag
    Once a RFID tag has been registered and is valid. This field will be filled until there is a ignition off event.
Enable additional fields
Updated on November 30, 2022

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