User Roles

User roles can be assigned to users to determine their permissions within our platform. Roles can be created on a general level, but also for resellers or even accounts specifically. Leave the reseller and/or account blank if you want to create a general rule. Roles created on such level will only be available for users for the respective reseller or account.

Create userrole screen

When creating a new user role you will need to assign permissions. Permissions are based on the following ‘blocks’:

  • Platform
  • Modules
  • Entities

For each enabled option within a ‘block’ you will have aditional permissions you can set.


Platform wide permission that basically controls you general role:

  • Administrator
  • Reseller
  • Fleet Manager
  • Installer

Determines which application modules are enabled for a user. For each enabled module you will have additional permissions to set.

  • Fleet Management
  • Fleet Overview

Controls the level of access to each type of entity. If users to not have access to a certain entity it will be hidden from the UI. You can control Create, Read, Update and Delete permission.

Save time, you can use the ‘clone’ button to copy an existing role.

Assigning userroles

Userroles can be assinged to users on the user detail view. As a temporary measure they will become active once ‘Use FleetManagement Permissions’ is selected.

Updated on December 30, 2021

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