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Warehouse Monitoring

Fleet management allow warehouse monitoring. Following functionality is available:

  • Real-time temperature / humidity status
  • Historical sensor data
  • Alerts on threshold violation via email
  • Integration with 3rd party (SFDA)

On the warehouse dashboard you can see:

  • Last communication – when last sensor data was received
  • Count / Violations – Total number of sensors / Number of sensors with threshold violation
  • Temperature – Current average temperature for the zone
  • Humidity – Current average humidity for the zone
Real-time sensor data
Historical data

Historical data is available in graph and raw data format. Both can be downloaded to PDF/JPG or to CSV/EXCEL.

Raw data
Adding Sensors

Sensors can be added on a zone within a warehouse. Navigate to the zone details in order to add sensors. In order to connect a sensor you will need to enter the unique ‘DevEUI’ which typically looks like ’24E124136A123456′.

Zone details
Add sensor
External Registrations (SFDA)

In order to register a warehouse with SFDA, the following entities will have to be registered. This can be done using the ‘External registration’ tab on account and warehouse.

  • Account
  • Warehouse
  • Zone

Press ‘Edit’ to update the required fields for registration. When ready click ‘register’ to apply for registration. Use the ‘inquire’ button to verify regisration status with the 3rd party.

Account registration
Warehouse & Zone registration
Updated on October 29, 2021

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