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RFID/iButton Whitelist

Fleet Management has the option to control whitelist that will be synced with the tracker configuration. Once the whitelist is saved, tracker configurations will be scheduled. Depending on the hardware model it can take some time before all tags are synced with the remote tracker.

Update tracker whitelist

Navigate to tracker detail -> settings -> immobilization

You can add tags one by one by using the ‘+’ button, or you can use the ‘paste’ option to copy/paste a list of tags in one shot.

After tags are saved it will display pending () or applied () status.

Add tags one by one
Copy-Paste a list of tags
Tag Status
Mass Apply

We have the option to mass apply a whitelist to multiple devices.

This feature is still in development

Check tracker configuration

Tracker configuration status can be checked in below screen.

Updated on November 23, 2022

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