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Use workschedule to mark trips as private or business

For administration purposes one can assign trips with a private or business flag. This allows you to:

  • declare business mileage
  • prove limited private mileage, for example for Dutch Tax Office
  • hide privacy sensitive information to Fleet Managers when traveling private

The possibility to define a working hours schedule is offered in FleetManagement. A trip, within the defined Schedule, even partially, will be marked as not Business, any trip entirely outside the Schedule is marked as Private.

Here’s how create a Schedule:

  1. Go to System in the menu on the left and then to Schedules tab
  2. Click Add on the right
  3. Select Reseller, Account and enter a Name for the Schedule
  4. Activate the working days by checking the ‘active’ column
  5. Slide to adjust your working hourso ‘Apply to trip registration’ option
  6. Optionally select a Timezone by clicking on the Calendar icon on the right of the Schedules block. An additional selector input field shows up under the Name field. By default the Timezone of the user is selected.
Schedules can be created by navigating System –> Schedules and clicking the Add button. Time periods can be set for each day of the week and by checking the ‘Active’ checkbox the day is marked as a commuting day.

Schedules can be assigned to Accounts, Projects, AssetGroups and Assets. This has a hierarchical structure: Asset –> AssetGroup –> Project –> Account, meaning a Schedule set on an individual Asset has priority over Schedules on AssetGroup, Project and Account; Schedule assigned to AssetGroup has priority over Schedules assigned to Project and Account; Schedule assigned to Project has priority over Account.

To assign a Schedule to Asset, AssetGroup, Project or Account:

  • Go to Details page of Asset/AssetGroup/Project/Account
  • In the ‘Assigned schedules’ block you can assign a schedule to the account by clicking on the ‘+ Assign button’.
  • A popup shows up with input fields to select a Schedule, Start date (optional), End date (optional) and whether the Schedule is to be applied to Private/Business Trip registration. A Schedule assignment without start and end dates is considered the default Schedule for the entity. There can only be one default Schedule set at a time. A schedule can also be set for a defined period by adding a Start+End dates, for example during holidays. However, schedule assignments cannot have overlapping periods.
Assigned schedules block with all assigned Schedules for the entity. Clicking the ‘+ Assign’ button allows assigning a new Schedule. A Schedule assignment can be deleted by clicking on the Garbage bin icon on the right.
Popup with input fields for assigning Schedules.

To mark all trips as private a schedule has to be created in which all days of the week are marked as not active (uncheck the checkbox on the left of each day) and enable the ‘Apply to trip registration’ option when assigning the schedule to Account/Project/AssetGroup/Asset.

Private trip details (red) are hidden to the Fleet Manager
Updated on March 1, 2023

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