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Fuel information is available within Fleet Management. This article will describe the following topics:

  • Algorithm
  • Theft/Fill-up
  • Certainty
  • Validation
  • Manual


We’ve designed a ‘Fuel Algorithm’ that runs overnight. Vehicles can have fuel data available in their locations through either canbus or digital/analog fuel sensors. It will scan all location data of the previous couple of days and will try to detect fuel theft and fill-up events. In some cases events will be questionable, in that case a a certainty of less then 100 % will be assigned to the event.


Events can be validated. This will make sure that false positives will be removed from reporting. This data will also be used to improve the quality of the algorithm. On each fuel details page there is a validate button that can be used to toggle the validation state. You can also clear the validation state by pressing the “x” on the label.


Besides automatically detected events based on installed fuel sensors or canbus data. It’s also possible to import fuel events from excel.

Read more on how to upload fuel events using excel or CSV.

Updated on May 10, 2021

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