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Issue type “Poor GPS reception”

What does this issue type detect?

This issue detects devices that have a connection problem with gps.

How does this issue type detect issues?

For this issue to be detected, fleet health requires at least 200 messages in a day. The issue is triggered when in a day, the amount of messages (in %) with poor gps reception is above the given threshold (default 60%). A message is considered poor gps reception when there is no GPS fix or the hdop value of the message is above the given threshold.

Messages without ignition (or movement if there is no ignition sensor) are skipped.

What does the threshold setting for this issue type do?

 The first threshold field indicates at what % of messages with poor gps reception an issue is triggered. The second threshold field indicates the value for hdop above which message are considered poor gps.

Updated on June 8, 2023

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