• Eco driving

    Fleet management has 3 types of ways eco driving works The first way is slower as we need to analise all data for all locations in all trips to see if it is over certain tresholds. We advice to use either 2 of the episode based ways for fast processing…

  • Virtual Sensors

    Virtual sensors are properties on a tracker that can be defined by the user. You can configure these properties as a formula. These properties will then be visible in FleetManagement on the real-time state view but also can be configured to be included in a trigger configuration. Configuring a Virtual…

  • RFID/iButton Whitelist

    Fleet Management has the option to control whitelist that will be synced with the tracker configuration. Once the whitelist is saved, tracker configurations will be scheduled. Depending on the hardware model it can take some time before all tags are synced with the remote tracker. Update tracker whitelist Navigate to…

  • Create Report

    Creating a new report is easy. We have a wizard that takes you to the process: Templates Templates define how a report is displayed. Meaning which columns are shown, how the report is grouped and sorted. Depending on your permissions you can chose from existing templates or you can also…

  • Reporting

    Archive Provides a overview of previously generated reports. Subscriptions Overview of recurring reports. Templates Customized report templates, define which columns are visible in your report, how they are formatted, etc. Create Create a new instant or recurring report. See this help page for more details.

  • Fleet Management API

    For this example I’m using Postman, however you are free to use any tool you are comfortable with. Download the collection file below to get started right away. We have multiple environments, depending on where your solution is hosted you need one of the below endpoints: Environment Endpoint staging https://fleetmanagement-api.staging.gpscockpit.net/…

  • Raw Data

    Raw data is showing the data coming from the device. Typically it’s in a hexadecimal format. Actions Export raw data to CSV format. Mapping Allows you to forward a device to a different cluster. For example to forward data to staging for testing purposes. Rerunner Allows you to rerun trips….

  • Sensor thresholds

    Sensor thresholds will allow you to set the expect value range for your sensors. You can use this in combination with triggers. For example to report when the values are outside of the expected range. For instance you can create a frozen spec (< 0 degrees). When the sensors go…

  • Change or update vehicle

    How to update the asset information when moving the tracker box to a new vehicle? You can archive the current vehicle and add a new one.

  • Triggers

    You can trigger actions based on rules you define. This is done in a IFTTT (If This Than That) way. You can name the rule and assign it to asset groups. Trigger Name Name your trigger. Type / Priority Event or episode where a episode has a begin and end….