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Issue type “Delayed messages”

What does this issue type detect?

This issue detects a big gap between the date the device created the message and the server processed the message.

How does this issue type detect issues?

This issue compares the difference in time between the timestamp that the message was processed by the server and the timestamp the message was created by the device. If the difference in time between the device and server timestamp violates the duration threshold, a message is marked as ‘delayed’.  If the % of messages marked as ‘delayed’ violates the default threshold (this threshold is in percentage), this issue is triggered.

What does the threshold setting for this issue type do?

The duration field indicates when a message should be marked as ‘delayed’. The threshold field indicates at what % of delayed messages an issue is triggered.

What could have caused this issue?

This issue can be caused by loss of cell, message buffering or slow processing on the server.

Updated on June 8, 2023

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